Bobs red mill Wheat, Gluten, Dairy free Pancake mix

This product creates Perfect Fluffy pancakes that I have personally tried and ADORE! Its an easy way to make pancakes and Is definitely Allergy freindly. I found mine at wal mart. So look in you local food stores and try it out you will enjoy it!

Dairy free, wheat free, gluten free cheese pizza

This I found in My local health food store it was very good and delicious it also did not aggravate my acne. Even though it does have soy so i would be careful if you have a soy allergy. Click the picture to see the larger image.

Wheat free & Gluten free pasta DeBoles

A Pasta that would put italy to shame lol...Its very tasty and goes great with organic pasta sauce. I found this at wal-mart.

*Bob's Red Mill Quinoa

Quinoa has been around for many Many years! It can be used as a breakfast cereal or in your cooking. It is chalked full of protein and has a creamy, nutty flavor it is also wheat free and gluten free. It can be found in health food store throughout the year.

*Wheat Free & Gluten Free frosted flakes

Now you can have cereal and feel good about it. This particular cereal is wheat free, Gluten Free and dairy free and is true to the frosted flake taste. Try it you wont regret it")

The Ingredients are: Organic Corn meal, Organic evaporated juice and Sea Salt.

*Wheat free Gluten Free, & Non-Dairy Chocolate chip cookies

These chunky chocolate chips I approve of in taste and in health! So have your self a treat! I found my in a local food store.
Baking Soda Xanthan Gum. Sea Salt Rice Syrup and Grape Juice Non-gmo Soy Lecithin Gluten-free Natural Flavor Molasses Eggs organic Natural Evaporated Cane Sugar Monounsaturated Safflower Oil Organic Chocolate Chunks (Organic Natural Evaporated Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Paste, Organic Cocoa Butter, Non-gmo Soy Lecithin/Emulsifier, Gluten-free Organic Vanilla. Chunks may Contain Traces of Milk Protein Due to Manufacturing Equipment.) Flour Base (Brown Rice Flour, White Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Sweet Rice Flour, Xanthan Gum)

*Rice Dream Ice Cream

Gluten Free And non dairy Ice cream that is super delicious. Found in Health food stores.
Click here to see their delicious Collection

Gluten free wheat free and dairy free Pizza Crust mix

Gluten free, wheat free, and Dairy Free Biscuit Mix

Gluten Free Biscuit & Baking Mix was created for those who can't eat wheat. Our Gluten Free Biscuit and Baking Mix contains white rice and garbanzo bean flour. Use to bake superb biscuits, shortcake, pancakes, and even pie crust.

*Rice cheese Soy & Dairy Free

These cheeses are soy free, gluten free, Casein free, and dairy free. To see the other kind of products they have--> Click Here

*Soy cheese- Dairy free

This soy cheese is delicious and melts like real cheese! It is also Dairy Free.

*Rice Chips

Lundberg has many healthy and organic creations but I have personally tried these chips and i fell in love with them. Click Here to see more of their Organic products.

*Brown Rice Chips

A light, crunchy snack food with just four wholesome ingredients: brown rice, rice bran oil, nori seaweed and sea salt. They contain no hydrogenated oil or artificial ingredients. A transcendent snack that is good food. The lowest in sodium of all our chips, wheat free and non gluten.

Brown Rice, Rice Bran Oil, Sea Salt, Nori Seaweed

*Wheat free, Gluten Free Crackers

Orgran CrispiBites is a versatile bite size crispbread produced from sun ripened natural corn meal. Corn is considered to be a vegetable superfood and is a nutritious element to a healthy diet. Crispibites offers wholesome vegetable goodness and a subtle corn flavor that can be enjoyed on its own or complemented with your favorite

Ingredients: Maize meal 98.6%, Salt.

*Barbaras Organic Brown Rice Crisps

I have tried this cereal and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It tastes like rice crispies but it is fruit juice sweetened and is healthy! I can eat like five bowls in one day with my Rice milk:)