Mine & Yours Recipes

                                                      This Is a special website for people Like me that are suffering from acne or other food allergies and have decided  to go for a healthier life style in order to stop acne as we know it. I have personally been on this diet for a couple of months now and seen some results that I am happy with but I am always stumped when it comes to finding new foods and recipes to eat. I have been looking everywhere for a website to come up with recipes that i can eat without feeling guilty,  but so far i have found absolutely NOTHING! So I decided to create my own website where people who are having the same problem can come and put up their own special recipes and share others recipes as well. So that we no longer have to be stumped when it comes to lunch time, dinner time, or breakfast. This website also offers food substitutes. I hope you all  find what your looking for. Have fun and good luck!:)                                          

      *Please submit your recipes and Ideas to my Email located in the contact Page.